Rampion Cardinal Marks

For those boats sailing near the Rampion Wind Farm the following Notice To Mariners may be very useful as it sets out the position of the Cardinal Marks very clearly. See details here.

Race Officer Duties 2017

In order for yachts to race at SYC we need skippers and crews to take their turn to carry out Race Officer Duties.

The dates for these duties are published below and are based on skippers' choices made at the Annual Sailing Meeting each year, with the remaining dates allocated to boats by the Sailing Committee.

Mark Status

The purpose of the table below is to report any issues with our racing marks. If you are aware that one is off station or missing then please inform the sailing section by email to the sailing section or contacting the office.

The information on this page will be used by Race Officers when planning racing. Race marks are shown and updated on the Community Edits layer of Navionics charts, these are accessible through the Navionics mobile Apps and through chartplotters using properly updated Navionic charts. Community Edits needs to be "on" and the screen zoomed in; there are some obsolete marks on the main chart layer which should be ignored.  

Racing Mark Information at 22nd October 2017

* Please note that Mark 2 should note be used at present as it is obstructed by Rampion contruction works.

Race Mark Name Lat Lon On Station?
E East 50° 49.180 N 0° 15.430 W Yes
W West 50° 49.170 N 0° 16.410 W Yes
1 50° 48.810 N 0° 17.900 W No
2 Beechams 50° 48.510 N 0° 19.500 W Yes *
3   50° 47.860 N 0° 17.920 W Yes
4 Ambex 50° 47.350 N 0° 16.300 W Yes
5 New Sewer 50° 47.870 N 0° 13.710 W Yes
6 Delbuoy 50° 48.540 N 0° 15.050 W Yes
Mast   50° 49.635 N 0° 16.054 W Yes

RYA Racing Charter

Crya charter logoompetitors should note that Sussex Yacht Club implements the RYA Racing Charter and that they will be required to undertake to sail in compliance with the Charter, which is detailed below.

Sailing Feedback

If you have some feedback on the racing, rallying or any other aspect of the Sailing Section Activities which you want to put to the committee then there's a specific Sailing Section email address for you to use. Email all your constructive comments to us at sailing-section@sussexyacht.club.

Pursuiting at SYC

Race DSC2596In addition to the regular racing, David Skinner will be organising the Pursuit Racing. If you wish to try racing, train crew, tune up your own performance or just have a fun sail for an hour or two on a Saturday, then Pursuiting could be for you. No mass starts or pressures. You start in order of your SCCH handicap number (slowest go first) the courses are short and simple, very suitable for beginners to both racing and crewing. Pursuit Racing is an ideal introduction to keelboat racing and takes place on Saturday afternoons throughout the season.

Sailing Handbook 2017

The sailing handbook contains an overview of all the racing at Sussex Yacht Club and functions both as a guide and as Notice of Race for each of the individual events and series listed.

It also contains the general sailing instructions, guide to mandatory safety equipment and other usefull information for 2017.

You can download a copy as a PDF here ›› 

SCCH Handicap Application

To enter any race at SYC you need some kind of basic handicap/rating and for us it is SCCH (Sussex Combined Yacht Clubs Handicap). It is free and fairly easy to apply for, please download the application form, fill in as much as you can and either scan it and email to us at sailing-section@sussexyacht.club or post it to the SYC Office. You will then be issued with an SCCH number. Don't let the application process stop you from racing, for Pursuit races we will give you a provisional number before the start of a race and for the main series please turn up and we will do our best to update the results as soon as your application is processed.

You can download a copy as a PDF here ›› 

Race Chart

Updated February 2017

If you are a racing skipper at SYC you'll need this document, so click, download, print and take it afloat. The chart is based on the position of the Marks on 22nd February 2017; note that SYC 5 was not on station and is unlikely to be in the near future. See the Mark Status section on this page for current details.

Download the Inshore Racing Marks chart  ››

Keelboat Handicaps 2017

Zonpuka SCV0710The current SCCH and IRC numbers are shown below. If an SCCH has not been issued, then the skipper should make an application as described elsewhere on these pages.

The SCCH committee continually review handicaps throughout the year. However a yacht will not have her handicap within the club changed midway through a series. It is possible that a yacht may have two different handicaps when different series are run concurrently.

SCCH numbers shown below are currently valid for the Spring 2017 series onwards.

Help for Race Officers

Race Start DSC 9202

Being Race Officer is nothing to be apprehensive about; we all know how chaotic it can be on the beach when the clock is counting down and your flags are all tangled or you can't quite read the sail number of that boat that insists on staying right out at the far end of the line.... relax, it will always work out OK!